Monday, January 21, 2019

List service

Invite you refer to our service list:

*3000 to 7000 point like4like (or addmefast,any exchange web,please contact,...)for 1 $
Like4like points service Order Now 
*500 real views youtube ( not multi order),safe ads for 2$ maybe more views than that,not bot
(You can enable ads to earn money, views securely for your channel and videos.The 3000 real views that are advertised will help you make more money than 30,000 bot views)
These are real views promoted by our system. Not bot views, you can check with your video analysis page in youtube.
*1000 youtube bot views for 3$( can multi order)

*50 likes call by ads nondrop for 1$
*50 dislikes for 2 $
*200 tweets the same content in multi twitter account or retweet,follow,comments,likes-contact for $10
*Free your money from seoclerk, fiverr, ...(For those who cannot withdraw money when the balance is still available money)
*15 real high quality youtube comment multi account for 1$
*Create 2 gmail professional or any account(facebook,twitter,Instagram,like4like,...Please contact) for 1$
*Production and Edit audio,mix & master,music,sound fx professional for your project custom price(from 50$)
*Tune for your vocal by melodyne for 20$
*Photoshop,design image custom price
*Make and Edit video professional for your project custom price
*5 reply comment youtube for 1$
*5 likes comment youtube for 1$
*10 share,post on social network(facebook,twitter,pin,...) multi account- real human-High quality backlink for 1$
*10 favorite-add to playlist video youtube for 1$(30 real account,not 1 account spam create playlist)
*1000 subscriber and 4000hour watch time for youtube enable make money 80$ in 30 days,130$ in 7 days
*10 reviews google map for 5$
*30 subscribe for 1$
*Soundcloud promote
*Write articles, news, ... reviews for you, your product, ... on website blog for $ 20

Real 100 % not bot,and nondrop,no scam
Note that you need to display likes and subscriptions to advertise to a large audience
The above sales are just the minimum requirement for delivery.You can get more than that

Pay easily via seoclerk, fiverr, paypal, payoneer:



Paypal & Payoneer:

After you pay, text us the information here:

Include your payer information, requests, ...

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In addition, you can earn 10% of the order amount.
If you recommend to friends or others to use the above services.

Thank you for refer service of Aladanh Seo Entertainment and See you again!!
Nice to work for you!

Aladanh Seo

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