Thursday, January 3, 2019

Song about War crimes

Song about War crimes : In memory of all victims   of crimes of war. Never forget or forgive

9:21AM 03/01/2019

   Inspired by the massacre of Le Paradis on May 27, 1940 in northern France.Causing many people to die pitifully, only 2 people were seriously injured surviving, ...Musician Rudy Peersman Belgian(Belgium has borders with France, Holland, Germany,..)wrote the song "Never forget or forgive.The lyrics and the meaning of the song are the same as the heart's sound of people living during the war at that time.

   "Valley of death","Never forget , never forgive crimes of war from whenever they are"
      The song is also performed by Rudy Peersman and his wife.With a wonderful pop rock melody,The vocal when taking up is like coming from the depths of every human soul.Let's listen and sympathize with those who died in the massacre in particular and those who died in the war in general.


 Thank you !

Aladanh Seo

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