Thursday, September 12, 2019

Youtube Ads: Views,likes,comments,share,...

Top youtube marketing:
1, Help you more fans: views, likes, subscribe, comments, ...
2, Help your video have a higher search position ( top google search,youtube search,..)
3, Help your video really famous and make a lot of money from ads,...

List youtube service promote for 1$:
20 subscribe for 1$
20 comment high quality can custom or 40 fast comment for 1$
500 real views not bot can earn money from ads for 1$ (not multi order)
250 real views not bot can earn money from ads for 1$(multi order)
70 likes for 1$
20 share for 1$
4000 hour watchtime for 50$(You need to provide us with channel administration rights to upload a new video)
5 real reply comment or 10 fast reply cmt  for 1$
20 likes comment  for 1$
20 favorite-playlist video youtube for 1$
5 post likes in the community tab for 1$
5 post comments in the community tab for 1$
5 likes comments in the community tab for 1$

write an article on blog,website to promote your videos and channels for 20$
create a facebook post ads for your project,reach to 500 people for 5$
7 days google ads 21$
7 days youtube ads 21$ 

Twitter,instagram,twitch,pinterest,soundcloud Ads... please contact

Please order and send your links.

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Fiverr Seller musicyou

or via

Paypal(for orders over $ 10):

Payoneer(for orders over $ 50):

After you pay, text us the information here:

Include your payer information, requests, ...

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